Use electric devices as usual, but
pay only half the price!

Energy saver "EnergySaverPRO"
  • saves energy
  • lowers the electricity bills
  • easy to use
  • keeps the environment clean

"EnergySaverPRO" — significant saving!

Decreases the electricity use of electric devices which causes the meter to spin slower and as a result your monthly bill becomes smaller! With the cost-effective EnergySaverPRO you can pay for electricity 30-50%* less depending on what devices you use.
Air conditioner,
washing machine,
computer, hair dryer
Electric stove, iron,
microwave oven, TV,
gas boiler with
an electric motor
coffeemaker, incandescent lamps,
Electric drill, perforator,
disc stove,

*Real values may differ from the ones given here depending on the condition of the electricity mains and particular devices connected to it.

Advantages of "EnergySaverPRO"

Easy to use. Even a granny will figure it out! Just plug it into the socket!
Doesn’t cheat the meter. Energy is saved due to a more effective use of electricity.
Its effectiveness was confirmed by many studies and is explained scientifically.
Doesn’t only save energy, but also prolongs the service life of the electric devices.
Decreases the harmful electromagnetic radiation created by the wiring and devices.
Completely pays for itself within 1-2 months. One more reason to love it!

Areas of application of the energy saver

"EnergySaverPRO" is widely popular in the US. Statistics show that it was purchased by every second family in the country. Now you can also purchase this unique device!
  • Office
  • Stores
  • Car repair shops
  • Apartments and houses
  • Fitness centres
    and beauty salons
  • Cafe and restaurants

Reviews about "EnergySaverPRO"

This is something!
This is something! I was very pleasantly surprised. To be honest I didn’t really believe what was being written about it but only after a month of using it all my doubts vanished. EnergySaverPRO really does help you save, and pretty significantly, I must say. Thank you! I have already recommended your website to my friends.
35 years old
High quality
Thank you for the high quality. I already had tried a saver like this before but that one turned out to be useless and in just 2 weeks stopped working at all. I got lured in by a small price. Then I got one from you guys. Last month my bill was half of what I am paying normally. Used all the devices as I always do. Very happy
37 years old
A perfect solution
A perfect solution for the apartment and the office. Bought for both, now I’m paying about half less than usual every month. If it goes like this it will sum up to hundreds for the whole year. I’m not a big fan of saving but I do think that you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t use. Why would you waste your money like that?
42 years old

How to use "EnergySaverPRO"

Plug the device in any socket
Start saving on electricity bills right away by using the energy saver "EnergySaverPRO".
Your electricity grid is protected against reactive energy
Physics tells us that energy can be active or reactive. Active energy is useful - it’s used by the electric devices. Reactive energy is a “side effect” and useless. It’s flows around in the cables and creates an extra load in the mains. As a result, it increases the current of consumption and creates many electromagnetic fields harmful to the organism.
Save on electricity bills
Your monthly payments will decrease 30-50%* than before using "EnergySaverPRO".
"EnergySaverPRO" removes the reactive component in the grid as a result of which the load and the current of consumption is decreased. Electric devices use less electric energy and your bills become smaller and smaller.

Get your EnergySaverPro today:

Save KSh 9,870.00


KSh 19,740.00

KSh 9,870.00

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